Morgan Martin was pregnant when she vanished and now homicide detectives are working her case

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla - Leah Martin plans on taking three days off this week in honor of her daughter, Morgan Martin, who went missing on July 25, 2012.

During those three days, Martin says she will pass out 500 new fliers with her daughter's picture, attend a dinner and is contemplating a candlelight vigil.

"You wake up and think about your family," said a teary-eyed Martin.. "I wake up.  I think about her."

Morgan was 17-years-old at the time and four months pregnant with her first child.  She had just learned she was having a baby girl and picked out the name Ja'Leah Raquel in honor of her mother.

Morgan was last seen outside of her family's home off 17th Avenue South in St. Petersburg.  She told her family she was going outside to talk with her baby's father.  Morgan, who was wearing a white tank top, a pink furry hoodie and slippers, never came back. 

She did have her cell phone but left behind her purse, paycheck and her most prized possession, the first sonogram picture of her unborn child.

The teen was known for posting to her Facebook page multiple times a day and would frequently call her mother.  Her Facebook page has not had any updates.  Martin also hasn't contacted any family members. 
"Purse still sitting in the same spot, like I say, her clothes are still hanging," Martin explained.
The rest of her home has changed.  The hallway near the front door has been converted into what Martin calls a 'shrine for Morgan.'   There are posters with her name on them.  There are dozens of pictures, some framed and some taped up.  There are also candles that stay lit.
In the kitchen, there are shirts made in Morgan's honor.  Some say 'Team Morgan' and others simply have her missing flier printed on the back.
Leah Martin, Morgan's sister and her friends will all be wearing those shirts when they post up missing fliers Thursday morning.   They'll also have on the buttons they made that have Morgan's picture on them.
Martin will also head to Hudson to post up fliers.  It was just revealed that Morgan's cell phone last pinged off a tower located there.  That is about 50 miles away from Morgan's home.
 "I should have the right to put my child to rest. I should have the right to know where my child is," Martin said.
Martin is also hosting a dinner in honor of Morgan over the weekend for family and friends to get together.
For those who do not get to see the fliers she is posting up, Martin asks that members of the public visit the Facebook page she established for her daughter, Hope for Morgan Martin .
If you have any information about Morgan please call 727.893.7164.
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