Mayor Bill Foster presented a new plan for the St. Pete Pier and hopes to have a new pier by 2017

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla - St. Pete city council members listened to Mayor Bill Foster present his new plans for the pier Thursday afternoon.

"There will be a lot of public input," explained Foster.

The Mayor said he learned a lesson when the Lens design drew such controversy.  Ultimately, the Lens was voted down in the primaries.

With the input of the 8/28 Alliance, Mayor Foster hopes to survey at least 1,000 residents.

"There are greater points of public input in this process," the Mayor explained.

He said the survey will be scientific and include roughly 20 questions.  The survey will focus more on what people would like to do at the pier and less on design.

Unlike the previous attempt to build a new pier, there will be no international design competition.

"We still want world class architects to look at our waterfront as this beautiful landscape for the future of the city, knowing that we have world class architects right here in the Tampa Bay area," the Mayor said.

City Council members did question the Mayor and his plans. 

At least one council member noted that $46 million remains for the pier project and suggested letting members of the public decide via a special vote whether they want a new pier or to just refurbish the inverted triangle.

The Mayor will not be moving forward on his plans any time soon. 

He is in a heated reelection race with Rick Kriseman.

Kriseman has his own ideas about what to do with the pier.

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