Man leaves $4 million estate to Town of Belleair

Not much was known about the polite man that lived on the corner of the dead end street.

"He kept pretty much to himself.  But, I can say this,  he seemed to be a gentleman.  Every time I would see him he was friendly and would say hello and smile at me," recalled neighbor Al Korn.

Neighbors say 79-year old John Osborne would often be in his yard trimming his shrubs just to his liking. Mary Sikorra has lived on Ricker Rd. for more than forty years. Osborne bought the modest home next to her in 2007.

When asked what she knew about the man who lived next door, Sikorra paused and said, "Not much."

Osborne died in September and named the Town of Belleair as the sole beneficiary of his estate, worth about 4-million dollars.

"I just said wow! I had no idea," Sikorra recalled.

Korn is still intrigued about the turn of events.

"I just kind of can't get over that," he said.

Turns out, John Osborne, the Korean War Army veteran, was known at the Belleair Town Hall. He was a frequent visitor to the Building Department; and enjoyed keeping up with properties throughout Belleair.  

When officials learned what John Osborne had left the Town of Belleair, besides his house and his car, they were in disbelief.

"Definitely a state of disbelief.  We couldn't have been more surprised when we found out the amount of the estate," explained Town Manager Micah Maxwell.

Osborne had no other family in the area, only a sister in New York state.  Belleair intends to honor his gratitude to the community.

"The community feel that we have here had a lot to do with his decision to leave his estate with us.  He wanted to better a community that he had come to love," said Maxwell.

A huge sum of money for a small town that is thankful to have residents like John Osborne.

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