Man charged with sexualy assaulting woman and impersonating a police officer has trial contunued

Trial for alleged rapist put off again.

"I want to know what you want to do?" Pinellas County Judge Michael Andrews asked Larry Kobielnik. 
For Kobielnik and the court, it is a case that has been set for trial five times. Kobielnik is charged with sexual assault and impersonating a police officer.
According to investigators, back in July of 2013 Kobielnik picked up the alleged female victim off the street by offering to give her a ride. He then flashed a fake police badge and showed a gun, police said. 
He then took her to a home he shared with his mother in a Dunedin retirement community and allegedly sexually assaulted her.
In court Tuesday, Judge Michael Andrews pressed Kobielnik, "I want you to listen to me. You're the one who has been saying, 'I've been sitting in jail a year and I need to get this case over with.' These are the things you have been saying. And if you want to push this matter to trial at this moment, it goes to trial."
Also holding things up, the state wants to introduce evidence of a similar crime they believe Kobielnik was involved in. That still needs to be ruled on.
Kobielnik's attorney, Brian Pingor, wanted more time to question potential witnesses in the case -- people he claimed the woman called right after the alleged assault. One he said the victim referred to as "her pimp."
After a brief break to consult with his attorney and with a family member crying, Kobielnik had his answer, "More time your honor."
A new trial date, August 12, was set.
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