Man accused of stealing from home of deceased woman

A man tasked with removing a body during a death investigation is accused of stealing from the deceased woman.
Deputies say they caught the worker red-handed with the evidence Thursday.
It happened in a retirement community in Dunedin.
Deputies were called to a house on Pinehurst Road when 88-year-old Maryellen Woods was found deceased.
"Really nice lady. Never saw her without a smile on her face," said neighbor Robert Livesey.
Livesey lived next to Woods for a year.
He said she was an energetic, giving woman.
Thursday, Livesey came home to see Pinellas County deputies outside her house.
He said he thought someone broke in but later learned Woods had passed away.
Deputies said the man sent to the scene to take her body to the funeral home tried to steal from her home.
The deputies said they noticed a necklace hanging from Terrance Stubblefield's pants pocket when he left her house.
Stubblefield claimed the jewelry belonged to his girlfriend, but Woods' daughter told deputies it belonged to her mother.
"That's pretty much about the lowest thing you can do," Livesey said.
Stubblefield worked for Alternate Transportation Service Inc. The company was contracted by Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home in Clearwater.
Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home spokeswoman Jessica McDunn said theft of any kind is unacceptable and won't be tolerated.
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