Malnourished animals taken from Pinellas Park home

A Pinellas Park woman is facing 10 counts of animal abandonment after Animal Control found malnourished cats and dogs inside her house.
Animal Control has been to the house on 102nd Terrace North multiple times in the past several years.
A neighbor described the house as "an eyesore."
That same neighbor said she could smell a strong odor coming from the house in the past.
She said it was so strong, it sometimes kept her family from enjoying their back yard.
"It's unsettling. Most of the time we can't sit outside on the porch when they're back door is open," she said.
Animal Control was at the house Friday to follow up on previous visits.
Inside, they found animal waste on the floors, walls and counters.
Eight cats and three dogs were taken from the house after they found no food, water or liter boxes for animals they say were malnourished.
Malcolm Carr who lives here with his mother, Edna, said that wasn't the case.
"We brought them food everyday and they ate at least three times a day," Carr said.
He said they did their best to care for the animals.
Animal control will hold the animals taken today for at least 30 days, the ones who are healthy enough, can be adopted.
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