High school lacrosse coach uses diagnosis to encourage men to get screened

2014 started with a January wedding for Phil and Danya Krnjue
That was followed by a California honeymoon and soon, a baby.
"I'm 36, newly married, child on the way," said Phil.
"We're overwhelmed with joy and telling everyone about the baby.  Then a couple months later, finding out about this...our world just crashed in," said Danya.
Two months ago Phil woke up with intense abdominal pain. 
He went to the doctor.  He mentioned the back pain he's had for over two years, but never had checked out.
"That's when they did some CAT scans and they found that I had a 6 and a half centimeter tumor on my left side, and on my right side, a 1 centimeter tumor," Phil recalled.
He was diagnosed with Stage 1A kidney cancer. 
Because of his age and the cancer on both sides, Phil joined a National Institutes of Health study. 
The tumor on his left kidney was removed in a recent surgery in Maryland.  He'll go back for testing every 3 months for at least the next three years.
"I was very lucky that my wife and I caught this when we did, because it was at the point where it was going to start growing and starting wreaking havoc."
Phil said he didn't think much of his back pain over the last two years, he especially never suspected cancer. 
Now, as part of a GoFundMe page he created to help with medical expenses, Phil is blogging and posting videos to get the word out to men his age.
"Getting these aches and pains checked out is more important right now than I think most men my age really think about," Phil said.
Phil is pledging jumping jacks, sit ups and running for all money donated, once he's cleared by doctors.
To donate to Phil's GoFundMe account, click here.
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