Guitars, game systems stolen from bedroom of teen fighting cancer

Like most teenagers, 15-year-old David Gereg's bedroom is filled with belongings that define his interests.
A football sits on a bookshelf and a Star Wars spaceship hangs from the ceiling above his bed.
But last Friday, some of his most treasured and expensive items were stolen.
"I was devastated. Just really heartbroken for him because that's his whole world," his mother Janice Gereg said.
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She was certainly upset that someone broke into her home and stole more than a dozen items from her son's shelf.
But the items taken were more than just his toys. They were his outlet.
For eight years, David Gereg has battled leukemia, a process that he describes as long, invasive and tiring.
The treatment has confined him to his house or a hospital bed. 
"Knocks you off you're feet," David said of the chemotherapy. 
Twice his family was hopeful he had it beat. Now for a third time it's back.
"Cancer has definitely tried to steal a lot from us," Janice Gereg said.
David will soon undergo a bone marrow transplant, a procedure that will keep him quarantined for close to a year.
"I can't even go outside if there's someone cutting their grass two blocks away," David said.
Now he's missing the PlayStation that allowed him to interact with friends online and the guitars he played to pass the long hours of treatment.
"I just liked playing it because it gave me something to do and made me feel less bored and less lonely kind of," David said.
Neighbors said they saw the thief walking out of the house with some of those items and called police.
Janice said what bothers her the most is she feels her son was targeted but has no idea why someone would want to steal form him.


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