Forensics team lifts finger prints from bank robber's demand note to ID suspect

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - Fingerprints on a demand note helped Pinellas detectives track down the suspect responsible for Largo and Seminole bank robberies, according to the County Sheriff's Office.

Raymond Schaeffer,49, was arrested Thursday night at a St. Petersburg substance abuse treatment center before admitting to the crimes he says kept a roof over his girlfriend's head.

On January 4, Schaeffer went inside the Cornerstone Community Bank on Seminole Boulevard and handed the teller a note demanding money. The note implied that he had a weapon, although it was never seen.

The teller complied and the suspect fled on foot with an undisclosed amount

As authorities searched the area for the suspect, they found his orange jacket and baseball cap behind a business' dumpster near the bank.

Detectives found the demand note that was handed to the teller inside a pocket of the jacket.

Forensic Science Specialists took finger prints off of the note and were able to match it to Raymond Schaeffer.

Detectives found several addresses used by Schaeffer in the past, but he was eventually found at West Care Facility, located at 1735 Martin Luther King Jr. Street South.

As deputies took Schaeffer into custody, he told them he robbed the bank to get money for his girlfriend's rent.

The detectives were also investigating the December 6 robbery of the Achieva Federal Credit Union in Largo.

They noticed that Schaeffer matched the description of the suspect in that robbery, who also used a demand note.

When detectives pointed out the similarities and showed Schaefer a picture of the suspect committing the robbery, he admitted it was him.  Again, he claimed he committed this robbery as well to pay his girlfriend's rent.

Schaefer was charged with two counts of Armed Robbery and booked into the Pinellas County Jail.

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