Fluoride is back on the agenda in Pinellas County

To drink with fluoride or not

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - It was the first meeting of the new Pinellas County Commission with two new commissioners, but that is where 'new' seemed to end, because an old friend and an old issue came up again today - fluoride.

Both Janet Long and Charlie Justice were sworn in Tuesday, replacing Neil Brickfield and Nancy Bostock, who many believe lost their seats this last election because of their stance and push to have fluoride removed from the county's drinking water.

So on their first day, both new commissioners made a point to get the issue of fluoride put back on the agenda.

And after the public had their chance to speak on both sides of the issue, pros and cons, the commission voted.

In the end it was a unanimous decision and next week, November 27, the fluoride fight is on again. The County Commission will revisit the issue and vote once again on whether to put fluoride back in the county's drinking water or to keep it out.

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