Fireworks displays have businesses seeing green

PINELLAS CO., Fla - From puppies dressed up in red, white and blue outfits to adults donning leis with an American flag color scheme, St. Pete Pier is where hundreds of fireworks fanatics are flocking today.

Amber Giannico came out around noon with her 1-year-old daughter Riley.  Riley, wearing star shaped sunglasses, hitched a ride on a wagon.

"We are here early, that way we can make sure we see everything before the fireworks go off that way we can have a good time down here," explained Giannico.

Fireworks will explode over the water at 9 p.m. 

Still, there are many who set up camp early.  Families are putting up tents and throwing down blankets on the grass and in North Straub Park--staking claim to front row seats.

But, the best seats are in the water.  Boaters are already dropping anchor in the water and some swimmers have rolled out inner tubes and rafts.

To keep little ones busy, parents are shelling out cash to get funnel cakes or New York style pretzels.  At the pier, people are also paying up to have their faces painted.

Businesses a block away are also benefiting from the display and seeing green.

Debbie Flamboe came out to the park with her dog Isabella Rose.  The dog donned a flag print dress.

Flamboe and her husband are not sticking around for the fireworks but did shop.

"We went to lunch at Bella Brava and then we had to get some gelato and of course she had some too," said Flamboe.

As of 5:30 p.m., there was still plenty of room to throw down a blanket or set up a tent.

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