Fiancée of local crew member detained in Honduras urging U.S. officials to do more

The fiancée of one of the men being held captive in Honduras said the United States is not doing enough to bring her loved one back home.
Steve Matanich is among the six-member crew from Aqua Quest International, a Tarpon Springs-based company, that was doing work in Honduras to help train lobster divers.
Shortly after the crew arrived on May 5, they were taken into custody on a weapons violation. They claimed the crew didn't disclose the weapons they were carrying.
"It's very stressful. We just take it day by day and work through it and just keep yourself busy so you don't have to think about it and dwell about it," said Sarah Montgomery, who is engaged to Matanich.
She said she spoke to him briefly on the phone and that he is doing fine but is anxious to get home.
"We don't feel like enough is being done," she said. "We're hoping that if there's enough publicity about it, maybe more people will step in."
Filmmaker Michael McCabe was also on board during the ordeal, but he tells ABC Action News officials let him go after being held for eight days.
A film trailer for a documentary on Aqua Quest is posted on his website. It includes shots of the crew members who are now in jail.
McCabe said he's working on a TV pilot with the crew's captain and company founder, Robert Mayne.
"I was with the men during the whole ordeal," he wrote in an e-mail. "On the first night, the police decided to arrest everyone, myself included. The navy actually fought that off and allowed us to stay on the seized vessel. The next day the police returned, arrested the crew and told me to stay on the boat. I was alone on the boat for eight days before being told that I was not included in the case."
The State Department is closely monitoring the case.
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