"Doomsday Castle" highlights a local family's preparations for end times

ST. PETERSBURG - It's nothing we "normally" like to think about… when what we know to be "our world" goes dark, but for some -- who insist that we are in the end times -- its a thought that rarely leaves their mind.

"Normally, 'preppers' -- of which they say there's about 10 million of us out there -- keep things quiet," said Brent Bruns, a man who calls the bay area home but has another home away from here -- that he is aiming to hunker down in -- in case of the end of the world. 
Its a castle, built in an undisclosed location somewhere in South Carolina… now about to be made famous by the national geographic series "Doomsday Castle," all because brent's oldest child spilled the beans to the show's producers.

"My Dad flipped out," said Brent II. "He said you told somebody about the castle and where it's at?  No one is to know that… He basically banished me from the family."

The family had other ideas though…

"I think as time went on and we realized how important this was to my Dad," said daughter Dawn-Marie.  "We wanted nothing more than to make it happen."

And so, beginning in March, and lasting up until -- basically -- this week, every movement and motivation of Brent and his ten kids were chronicled.

"I've got ten alphas,"said Brent, Sr.  "And that's not usually the way it is.  There's usually somebody… who's the quiet one.  I don't have any quiet ones, and you get 'em riled and they… they not only verbally Do something, they'll even physically come to life."

Which makes for some pretty interesting television:

For the kids, used to lives of leisure, living off the grid was an adventure

"There were many times that I wanted to leave because the experience was so hard at the castle," said daughter Ashley.  "And that experience was the hours that we had toy work just to get one small project done."

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