Deputies fatally shot armed naked husband in Pinellas domestic dispute, investigation underway

PINELLAS COUNTY - Pinellas County Sheriff deputies responded to calls on a domestic dispute between a husband and wife around 3:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

According to deputies, Danny and Donna Meredith had been involved in a dispute that got too heated earlier that day.

Mrs. Meredith reportedly left the house to let the tension die down. When she returned to her house, she noticed a note on the front door.

The note stated that anyone who came into the house would be shot and killed.

After reading the note, Mrs. Meredith called law enforcement, knowing that guns were inside the home.

When deputies arrived, they approached the house with caution, knocking several times on the door.

As they tried to reach Mr. Meredith, he opened the door, completely naked, and started to threaten the officers with a shotgun.

Deputies fired at Mr. Meredith, killing him. The deputies who fired at Meredith will be placed on administrative leave as the shooting is investigated. Neither officer was injured.

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