Deer rescued from Palm Harbor hot tub

A deer’s morning swim in a Palm Harbor hot tub Thursday ended with rescuers having to pull the animal to safety.
The doe ran through the patio screen of the home and into the hot tub, where it was apparently knocked unconscious, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The tub was partially drained for a repair.
Once the animal regained consciousness, it couldn’t escape the tub by itself, deputies said. Mike Wyers, the homeowner, called deputies for help. 
Deputies placed a blanket over the deer’s head to keep it calm, but they removed it from the animal when it became wet.
One deputy held the doe’s head and neck stable and lifted the animal to safety with the help of a trapper who arrived.
The video shows the deer struggling to its feet in the backyard. Deputies said it ran to nearby woods.
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