Construction delays Windsor Preparatory in St. Petersburg causing problems for student

With just days from the start of school, dozens of Pinellas County students don't know where they'll be going. 
Construction is nowhere near complete at Windsor Prep which is why parents whose kids were supposed to go here Monday are so upset.
"Makes me feel awful. I really wanted to go. Now I can't," said Blake Quinn a sixth grader.
Monday was supposed to be the day Blake, his brother and a friend were to start sixth grade at Windsor Preparatory school in St. Petersburg. 
But, Blake's mom says she found out her kids didn't have spots Wednesday night, along with about 60 other approved students.
"To get an email at 7:30 at night the day before to find out there's going to be a lottery hoping for 65 children and we get there and they tell us now only 32.  It broke my heart. I felt like a failure," said Daisy Quinn.
Her kids were not chosen in the lottery.  
Krisi Moore's son wasn't either. 
"I don't know what to do.  Out only option now is to go to our zone school which is what we were trying to avoid," said Moore.
That's exactly where the Pinellas County School Board says they're sending these students. 
We tried to speak to the principal at Windsor, but she refused to speak with us. 
We went to the temporary middle school site, but they blocked our view inside. 
The school district couldn't give us an idea of when the construction at Windsor would be finished.
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