Four injured after car crashes into house

The driver of a burgundy sedan crashed injured four people after crashing into a home.  Prior to that accident, the driver also struck a 13-year-old boy who was riding his bike.
The incident happened around 11:40 a.m. on 28th Street North near Haines Road.
The driver, described as a white, heavy set male wearing a white t-shirt, was parked in the parking lot of HFC Foods Discount store locted at 5705-B 58th Avenue North, according to Sgt. Steve Gaskins with Florida Highway Patrol.
Gaskin said the driver reversed out of the parking lot abruptly and hit a wood pole.  Then, the man drove across the street to 2825 Apt A, 58th Avenue North, talked with a few people outside and left again.
Police say the driver circled the block, returned to the duplex and hit three adult females and one adult male head-on as they sat around the front porch of the duplex.   The man renting the duplex was outside and saw the crash.
The car's impact dented a concrete step, broke the duplex door and ripped some wood off its exterior.
Following the crash, the driver backed out of the duplex driveway, drove west on 58th Avenue North and struck Kole Price, 13, just east of US Highway 19 while he rode his bike on the sidewalk.
"I was scared," said Price.  "I thought he was trying to kill me."
One again, police say the driver fled and drove to Egg Platter Restaurant located at 6767 US Highway 19 and abandoned the car. 
Rodgito Keller, a cook at the restaurant, told police and ABC Action News, he was outside when the driver abandoned the car and saw two women in a pick up truck pull up.  Keller said the hit and run driver then got into the older Ford Ranger pickup and fled on US Highway 19.
The three adult females struck at the duplex were taken to Bayfront Medical Center.  The adult male was treated at the scene as was Price.
"He took out three of my people," screamed the man renting the duplex who declined to give his name.  
Police say they are questioning someone but they cannot confirm he is responsible for this series of accidents.
There is also a stabbing nearby and across from the restaurant where the car was abandoned, two people were found in two separate rooms in pools of blood.  Cecilia Berrera  with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said all three incidents could be related. 
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