Child abuse charges dropped against Pasco music teacher

Child abuse charges have been dropped by the Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney's Office against music teacher Cynthia Haring, according to her attorney, J. Larry Hart.
Haring was arrested last month after authorities said a disruptive class at Calusa Elementary upset Haring, leading her to grab a 10-year-old boy from behind and drag him about 5 feet. 
"He irritated her apparently and she wanted him to be in a spot and he was resisting," said Pasco school district spokesperson Linda Cobbe.
Investigators said her fingernail left behind a small scratch mark on the boy's arm.
According to Hart, the state attorney's office said the "facts do not warrant prosecution at this time."
Hart said the fact Haring was even arrested was "shocking."
Investigators said the day after the incident, other students from the class, upset by what they saw, told the principal.
Haring was arrested at the other New Port Richey school where she teaches, Dear Park Elementary.
Haring's been with the Pasco school district since 2006 and had a clean record.
She's a part of a program called World Nation, where she teaches music to children from various backgrounds.
On the World Nation website, it says she followed her mother's path teaching English to speakers of other languages.
Haring is on paid administrative leave, but the school district says she could get her job back "pending review by employee relations and a recommendation to the superintendent."
School spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said Haring could be moved to a different school if she's reinstated.
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