Casey Anthony juror names released by Pinellas County Court Clerk

The juror names were sealed for 3 months

LARGO Fla. - The names of the jurors in the Casey Anthony murder case were released Tuesday by the Pinellas County Clerk of the Court.

After the trial, Judge Belvin Perry ordered that the names of the jurors could not be published until after a 3-month cooling off period passed.  A number of the jurors expressed fear for their safety.

In July, Anthony was acquitted of the 2008 death of her daughter Casey. The trial was held in Orange County but because of pre-trial publicity, the jurors were selected from Pinellas County. The acquittal angered and shocked many people not only in the Orlando community but also people across the nation.

Judge Perry ruled that the the public had a right to know the names of the jurors but felt that they should be protected until some of the furor over the Anthony trial died down.

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