Car almost slams into house on Lake View Road in Clearwater

Clearwater Fire Rescue responded to a crash Wednesday that ended with a car nearly plowing into a home.
The crash occurred 2:30 p.m. when two cars collided at the intersection of Lake View Road and Lake Road, firefighters said.
Wes Gearhart, who said he witnessed the crash, told ABC Action News an older man behind the wheel of a gold Kia ran a red light and crashed head-on into another car. The driver veered off the road with his vehicle up on two wheels, barreled through two yards and ran into a palm tree stump. The stump halted the vehicle inches away from a vacant home.
Authorities identified the man behind the wheel as 85-year-old Howard Doppel Jr.
Gearhart said Doppel's car came within two feet of hitting him, causing him to push his girlfriend out of harm's way.
"I checked to make sure there was no fuel leaking and when I determined it was safe to approach the car, I said 'Calm down, everything is going to be OK, everyone is alright,'" Gearhart said. "He tried to start the vehicle and said, 'I got to get this thing out of here.'"
Caught up in his air bag, Doppel had to be extricated from the car.
According to Gearhart, neither driver involved in the crash was severely injured.
Florida Highway Patrol is investigating and they've cited Doppel for running a red light.
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