Camp Seahawk participants get some weather schooling, thanks to our Bill Logan

The skies over Clearwater were very threatening Friday, so we moved our weather discussion for the kids of "Camp Seahawk" indoors where the welcome was still warm because these guys were weather intensive.

Their severe weather artwork was scattered all around the place, and their curiosity was heightened as we discussed what affects us each and every day!

"Are there many different levels of tornadoes?" asked one camper.  

"There are many different levels," I answered.  "They are listed on the enhanced Fujita scale."

From tornadoes, to what was starting to form out in the gulf even as we spoke, these campers were well versed on what was all around us in the atmosphere, and what they didn't know, they asked:

"What causes thunder?" inquired another day-camper at the YMCA complex in Clearwater.  
"Thunder is actually the sound that happens when the air expands so rapidly around the lightning flash," I explained

Dropping knowledge on these guys wasn't easy,since they already knew so much.  But in our effort to keep folks up-to-date and safe, everyone got an ABC Action News Hurricane Guide -- and a healthy dose of weather wisdom thanks to an afternoon information exchange.

If you'd like to have a presentation on weather at your school or camp or church group, please contact me directly.  My e-mail address is

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