Brighter Future for Pinellas spreads message at Rays game

It’s no secret the Tampa Bay Rays don’t exactly have the best fan base.
This year only 1.2 million fans have gone to a ball game, less than half of what the LA Dodgers see. 
Sadly, it’s the worst team for attendance in major league baseball. 
So what’s the answer?
If you were at the game this past weekend, a group likely handed you a nice colorful flier with one idea. 
Brighter Future for Pinellas claims it can fill seats at Tropicana Field if you vote for the Greenlight Pinellas Plan. 
That’s the $2.2 billion proposal to get a 24-mile rail line from St. Petersburg to Clearwater. 
Some fans say they don’t believe it.  
“I don't think it has anything with getting to the game. We just asked a friend to drop us off. We are going to eat lunch at Ferg's. Then get picked up,” said baseball fan Mary Mallie Fagan.
Rays fan Steve Collins said “nothing against the Rays, but if we are going to spend $2.2 billion it should be a lot of other causes other than getting good attendance at the Rays game.”
Others think the more ways to get to St. Pete, the better. 
“A lot of people can't get to the games, because a lot of them don't have transportation,” said baseball fan Lawrence Williams.
Those against the ballot measure have their own grassroots effort, too. No Tax For Track’s marketing strategy is hitting the beach, where they are telling tourists to vote down the proposal.
Whatever you believe, it will be your choice come Nov. 4. 
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