Bouncer charged in customer's death at Clearwater restaurant

Autopsy lists asphyxiation as cause

CLEARWATER, Fla. - A Clearwater bouncer is in jail facing manslaughter charges. Police say back in October, he took his job too far, killing a Pennsylvania salesman.

"You've got a person who is no longer moving, who's turning blue, who eventually stops breathing," said Clearwater police spokesperson Rob Shaw.

Clearwater Police say bouncer Paul Stucker was trying to get a drunk and disorderly customer out of the Brown Boxer in October, but he took it too far.

Police say Stucker got David McTamney, 51, outside and down on the sidewalk, but he didn't let up.

"When they are down on the ground, there are people all around who saw this and are telling the bouncer, get up off of him, you've got him outside, it's ok, move off of him, and he just kept his hold for two minutes," said Shaw.

Investigators say during that two minutes, McTamney wasn't resisting and he stopped moving altogether. He was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead.

An autopsy said the cause of death was asphyxiation.

Police spent the last couple months investigating and say they got the evidence they needed to press charges against Stucker, who has prior arrests for battery and cocaine possession.

"There were as many as two dozen people there that night, so we were trying to interview witnesses, those who were there as customers of the bar, people who were working there, watching surveillance video, trying to see what transpired that night," said Shaw.

Messages left for the owner of the Brown Boxer weren't returned.

The victim in this case had a wife and two children back in his hometown of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

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