Blaze destroys Palm Harbor storage business

RV Owner Larry Hasiak called the fire devastating.

His rolling retirement, $250,000, was ready for a summer trip to Hudson Bay.

"There's a lot of personal stuff in there that's mementos and a lot of photographs of our kids and grandkids. It's like your house burning down really," he said.

Now the 34-foot RV appears to be demolished.

The RV is stuck under the collapsed roof of Florida West Storage in Palm Harbor, where a fast-moving overnight fire devoured 47 other customers’ dreams and investments.

"I looked around a while but I had to leave. I couldn't stand it. Now that it's light and sunny I came back to make sure I wasn't dreaming and I wasn't," Hasiak said.

You can hear gas and propane tanks exploding on a fire department cellphone video shot just after midnight.
Firefighters turned flames into smoke that lifted like a curtain.

"Based on the surveillance video, it appeared that the fire would have started in this front left corner and just coincidentally the wind was coming from that direction and pretty much pushed it throughout the building quite quickly," said Palm Habor Fire Rescue Chief Craig Macuiba.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating whether or not this was just an accident. 

Either way, boats, RV's and classic cars parked here weren't occupied.
"The worst case would have been someone dying in there," said RV owner Dan Gosche.
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