'Bart & Rachel' ring found by treasure hunter

Bob Osmann, a St. Petersburg native, has been hunting lost treasure along Florida beaches for the past eight years.
His latest find is a ring engraved with the names, “Bart & Rachel.” 
He found it Monday along St. Pete Beach in ankle-deep water.
"Bart's a big guy. This is a size 14 or 15 ring. There's a lot of memories probably in it, and they'd probably like to have it back,” he said. 
If you have any information about the “Bart & Rachel” ring, contact Osmann at robosmann@aol.com 
Osmann said he started treasure hunting at the suggestion of an ex-girlfriend while he was recovering from a busted ankle. She gifted him the metal detector equipment. 
“Eight years later, it’s thriving,” he said.  
He’s found countless items over the years (gold, silver, diamond rings, cell phones, electronics) and said he never charges a dime to retrieve the items and get them back to their rightful owners.
His favorite find: A three-carat diamond engagement ring belonging to a Pinellas County deputy’s wife.
"She cried all day after she lost it, and she was still crying after she got it back,” he said.   
"It feels good to be able to give somebody something, and if it means something to them, they'll give you something for it, and I really don't care,” he said. “I enjoy doing what I do.”
Osmann said he’s been thanked over the years with money, hugs, plants and baked goods.
“A plate of brownies one time was one of the better ones. It could have included some milk,” he said. 
At 56, Osmann said he’ll continue to hunt lost treasure as long as his ankles are strong and he can troll the waters. He estimated that 70 percent of the time, he’s able to track down the owners of lost items, but sometimes it can take years. 
"That's probably the best feeling you get,” he said.
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