App allows Pinellas County residents to report problems

New apps include See, Click, Fix and Park Mobile

ST.PETERSBURG, Fla. - See a problem, click on a website and the problem is fixed.

"I think this has the potential to really be beneficial for the neighborhood," said Bennett Andrews.

Pinellas County is the first in Florida to partner with "See, Click, Fix." All you need is a smart phone or access to the internet to report problems like pot holes, burnt out street lights or illegal parking.

Spot a problem, take a picture or just type it up on the free application or site and the county and city of St. Petersburg say they will respond.

"Having that instant communication helps us to catalog those issues and those items and react to work with our citizens and guests," said City employee Beth Herendeen.

Realtor Bennett Andrews said the new program is good for business. He needs those problems solved to sell homes.

"To fix things up like the road is a really good start," he said.

Andrews also likes the new app, Park Mobile.

It's free and let's you pay your meter without digging around for change.

"We want to make it easier for our citizens to let us know if they have an issue or to let us know if they have a problem. We want our visitors to know how to access us," said Herendeen

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