Another 'Stand Your Ground' case in Florida

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - The family of Brandon Baker, shot and killed in early March in Palm Harbor, is pushing for the shooter to be arrested.

Baker and his twin brother, Chris, were coming home from a party that night, driving in separate cars.

A 23-year-old security guard named Seth Browning started following Baker. He later claimed Baker had been driving suspiciously.

All three cars stopped on Seagull Drive in Palm Harbor. That is where the story is disputed.

According to Browning, Baker confronted him and -- acting in self defense -- he pepper-sprayed, shot and killed Baker. If Browning had a reasonable fear for his life, he would be protected under Florida's 'Stand Your Ground.'

Baker's family, though, contends Baker was not the aggressor and they don't understand why a disagreement escalated into violence.

"Why did he have to kill him? He could have just driven away. He didn't have to follow him," said Brandi Baker, Brandon's sister.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and State Attorney's Office are investigating, but currently no charges have been filed against Browning.

On Thursday, the state attorney's office met with Baker's brother so he could describe what happened.

The state attorney's confirmed to ABC Action News they are investigating but said there is no timetable for how long it might take to determine if they will prosecute the case.

"I'm glad they're taking their time, taking their time to make their decisions," said Kevin Lindsay, Brandon's father.

The Baker family has started a petition, urging the state attorney's office to prosecute the case. You can read about it at .

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