Absentee ballots go out in St. Pete, Pier among hotly contested topics

The campaign over the fate of the St. Pete pier went into overdrive on Tuesday.  
Nearly 64,000 absentee ballots were mailed to residents with the all-important item on the ticket.
At the same time, supporters on both sides of the debate ramped up their campaigns.
Christian Leon with the group "Build the Pier" told us voter ignorance could doom their fight.

"One of the things is for people to know what the project is about to know what's all involved," he said.

Bill Ballard with "Stop the Lens," says they're getting their message out because of some discrepancies over a 'yes' and 'no' vote.

"It's very crucial because polls show voter confusion," Ballard said.
Both decided to send out mass-mailers to voters who signed up for absentee ballots informing them of the difference.
"It tells people that they must vote 'yes' to stop the lens," Ballard said.
Christian Leon told us what's on his group's flier.

"If they want to see the pier being built, which is to vote 'no,' which is actually getting the pier built," he said.

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Ballard said his group did not consider a comprehensive mailing campaign for absentee ballots until he said his group came face to face with an editorial piece in The Tampa Bay Times that called into question some of the concerns his group and others critical of The Lens have raised.

"Build the Pier" was filming Facebook campaign videos, in addition to their mailers when ABC Action News caught up with them.
But both sides realize they are locked into a race for the finish, especially when research from previous elections shower that a majority of votes, were cast absentee, as opposed to polling sites.
In addition to the pier question, St. Pete voters will also decide on city council members, and the mayors race, of which current mayor Bill Foster is part of.



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