91-year-old woman describes violent carjacking

A 91-year-old woman who was pushed to the ground and carjacked Thursday said the experience has left her more cautious of others.
Beverly Landrey said the carjacking happened after she pulled onto Seventh Street North in St. Petersburg after a man motioned to her. She said she thought something was wrong with her car.
She exited her car and, at some point, a second man jumped in the driver seat.
"I kept pulling the car door so he couldn't go forward and then he kept trying to shut," she said. "But then I came around the car door and tried to grab him and pull him out."
But she says that man pushed her to the ground and they left.
"They have no respect for age, that's the sad thing," she said. "That there is less and less respect on age."
She says she bumped her head and is still sore, but physically will be ok.
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