Zombie arrested after Halloween party ruckus

Costumed mugshots common

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - Halloween got off to an early start in Pasco County.

Two costumed men were arrested Sunday morning after authorities say they assaulted security guards at the Caliente Nudist Resort in Land O' Lakes.

Kevin Fearn was asked to leave the resort's Halloween party after a complaint he inappropriately touched a woman. Deputies said Fearn, dressed as a zombie, threw a 71-year-old security guard to the ground.

Investigators said Fearn's brother-in-law, Reynaldo Reyno got involved and punched another security guard in the face and bit his arm.

Both were arrested and their mugshots show them still wearing their Halloween attire. Fearn can be seen still made up like a zombie.

Sheriff's Office spokesperson Kevin Doll said it is not unusual to see those dressed up get locked up every Halloween. "We always get some strange ones."

And when their mugshots are snapped, the suspects are often left they way they were found.

"If someone is accused of the crime, that's what the description is going to be. What they were wearing, what they were dressed up in, or the type of make-up that they had on," said Doll.

Once behind bars, the costume party is over. And eventually another booking photo is taken without all the make-up.

"They are not going to general population in any type of costume," said Doll.

In the past we've seen some other strange shots, from The Joker to an escaped mental patient, to one guy who may have had a premonition where he would end up.

Maybe the real treat this Halloween is staying out of trouble.

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