Pasco County fire station 13 closed because of bed bugs

Bed bugs have forced Pasco County Fire Rescue to close Station 13 in Zephyrhills.
Two of the three fire trucks based there will respond to fires from nearby Station 26.
Another truck will respond from a motel near the closed station.
The infestation was first reported May 14.
Neighbors were on edge when they heard the news.
Vicky Romero's family lives in a home that backs up to Fire station 13. She has experience with the critters. Her daughter lived in a home that became infested. She knows how hard bed bugs are to get rid of.
“If you know someone in the neighborhood has them, you have to watch out,” she said. “They do jump.”
All the mattresses at the fire station have been stacked on their sides. The leather chairs in front of where the TV used to be sit empty. A sign on the living quarters door warns of bed bugs.
Most everything cloth was thrown out, including old chairs. 
Pasco County Spokesman Doug Tobin said the county hired an exterminator last week, but the bugs returned.
Another exterminator will try another tactic: Heating the building to 130 degrees all day Tuesday.
"How long will this be closed?” Tobin asked. “That is the question. When we are able to successfully eradicate the bed bugs then I think we will be able to open fire station 13."
Tobin added there have been no reports of the bed bugs spreading to other stations or homes.
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