Near fatal stroller accident left one child fighting for life

Parents credit faith for guiding them

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - "We are imperfect people. I wish I had put the break on," Pastor Jon Clanton told those in attendance at Grace Connection Church in Zephyrhills.

"I do not believe God put my children in that canal. I take full responsibility that I did not put that brake on that stroller that day and if I had they would have never been in the canal," he continued.

It is the first time the pastor has returned to the pulpit. He and his wife Yvonne have been at their daughter Selah's side for four months.

"I felt like God was with me from the very beginning in a way that I've never experienced before," Said Yvonne Clanton.

Four months ago the couple was in New York with their five kids. According to Pastor Clanton, during a walk he pushed Selah and Sam in a stroller, both 8 at the time, and both with special need. He said he stopped to look at the time and that's when the stroller rolled into the Erie Canal. Sam was rescued and fully recovered, but Selah is in need of prayers. She has been in and out of a coma and now at a rehab center in Jacksonville. 

"It just knits you together with people in a lot closer bond than you feel and it lifts you up," said Jon Clanton.

After the holiday services the family will rejoin Selah. They have lots of prays and hope for her. Doctors tell the family Selah could return home as early as January second, but she'll still need care around the clock. Her family says it will take a lot of work and money, but they have faith.

"I can not even imagine going through this without God because it's almost all I can do to go through it with his help," said mom Yvonne.

For more information on Selah and her progress you can visit a blog by her mom Yvonne:


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