Woman identified in fatal Pasco County crash, suspect was driving 111 mph

FHP: Suspect was driving 111 mph

Video taken from a helicopter showed the burned out Kia sedan driven by 38-year-old Courtney Ann Kreckel.
Investigators say just after 3 a.m. Sunday, she was rear ended by a Mazda Miata as it drove 111 miles an hour in a 45 mph zone.
 Skid marks are still visible, showing how far Kreckel's car was pushed across the median.
Her car caught fire and Kreckel was burned alive inside.
Chelsea Clifton works across the street from where the crash happened at Freeway Insurance.
"I t's kind of nerve racking, people speed through this little side street all the time, my desk is right there at the window, that could have easily been one of us leaving from work, you know," said Clifton.
According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Ryan Brosnan is responsible for the wreck.
They say he was driving the Miata, smelled of alcohol and appeared under the influence. 
Investigators say they also found marijuana in the car.
Brosnan passed out on his way to the hospital and again once he got there.
The Florida Highway Patrol says Brosnan is a bartender at the Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill in Tarpon Springs.
Their report says he admitted to sometimes drinking while on the job, although he told investigators he had one or two beers at work that night.
Brosnan was a captain and MVP on the football team at Mitchell High School in Trinity and then went on to play at two small colleges.
One trooper wrote in the report everything inside the Kia was melted, including the victim's purse.
Right now Brosnan is only charged with marijuana possession, pending toxicology tests.
Brosnan's father is a courthouse deputy with the Pasco Sheriff's Office.
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