Woman charged with killing triplet appears bruised and battered in court

Victim's mother has first face to face encounter

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - Looking bruised and battered,  Betty Jo Tagerson sat in a Pasco County courtroom, just two rows behind Danielle Malm.

Last November, investigators say, Tagerson was speeding, lost control and slammed into Malm's triplet daughters. The 5-year-old triplets were playing in the front yard of a Hudson home.

Gabrielle was seriously injured. Delaney was killed.

This was the first time Malm has seen Targerson since the crash.  "I wish she was behind bars. I wish she wasn't out on bail," said Malm.

Tagerson's trial date for vehicular manslaughter is set for October 17. 

Leaving the courthouse, she didn't have much to say about the case or the fresh bruises and scrapes on her face.  "My attorney says I'm not allowed to comment at this time," said Tagerson.

As Malm watched Tagerson leave, she held back from saying much of anything. All she could do was watch her drive off -- still a free woman.  "I don't think that this even bothers her. She just gets to go on with her life," said Malm.

While Delaney's mother continues to keep up with the case at the courthouse, she is also raising her three other daughters who watched their sister die that November evening.

"They are enjoying their summer vacation. Just having a lot of fun. Doing the beach and fireworks on Monday. The girls are doing really well," said Malm.

Malm says she talks to her daughters about Delaney's death when it's comfortable for them. And each of her girls are dealing with it in different ways.  "They are speaking with people they need to speak to make sure they are moving forward the best way that's possible for them," said Malm.

Malm says she's glad this case will go to trial less than a year after Delaney was killed. Tagerson wasn't officially charged until four months after the crash.

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