Elementary school official steals student's pills

Parents of students at New River Elementary School learned Friday that Kimberly Smith, the school's clinic assistant, admitted to stealing students pills that she was supposed to be administering, and now, they say they're outraged.


"It's shocking. It's never happened before," Linda Cobb, Pasco County School District Spokesperson.
Parents received a disturbing message from the school's principal Friday morning, letting them know that Pasco County Sheriff's officials arrested the school's clinic assistant.  "I f it were my kid, I would be furious," Eileen, parent.

This comes after a parent noticed that their child's pill count was off when she picked up their medication from the school Wednesday.  School officials say they immediately questioned Smith, and she eventually admitted to stealing the student's medication, but Pasco County Sheriff's officials say what's even scarier is that they believe she was replacing the students pills with something else.  "W e don't know what she gave the students.  I t looks like there were some other medications in one of the bottles that did not appear to be the same medication that should've been there, and had been altered to appear as though it was the drug that should be there," Sergeant Chris Beaman, Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say Smith had 25 pills total in her possession that they believe she stole from two students. School officials say they went through all of the student's medications, and the rest seem to be accounted for.

The State's Department of Health recently suspended Smith's LPN license after reports of substance abuse issues, but her job her at the school didn't require one, so school officials didn't check it.  They say now they may change that policy.

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