Water pumping already underway in Pasco County

Officials trying to prevent flooding

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - With Tropical Storm Isaac on the way and rain coming down, two Pasco County guys decided to go for a swim off a Port Richey boat dock.

"Rain's rain. Either way you already swimming, so you are getting wet, what's it matter," said Michael Daniels.
The rain held off most of the day on Sunday, as those inside Pasco's Emergency Operations Center tried to decide what to do next
Eventually officials made the choice. Schools and government offices will be closed on MOnday.
"When there is uncertainty, the right thing to do is you do not want buses, county employees driving through a driving rain storm early Monday morning," said county spokesperson Eric Keaton.
While forecast seems to better than originally thought, many aren't taking any chances. The sandbag pick up location behind the government center stayed busy Sunday evening.
Stormwater Management also had about 50 water pumps set up around the county. Some were already activated and will be until the storm passes.
Many Pasco County neighborhoods had serious flooding after Tropical Storm Debby and officials fear even a little more rain might cause already full rivers to overflow again.
And as for the duo enjoying a little pre-storm swim? They don't seem too concerned with what anyone is forecasting.
"My mother always had a little philosophy. Only fools and damn yankees predict the weather," said Emory Salters.
Here is more information sent out by Pasco County Sunday afternoon:
New Port Richey, FL Pasco County Government Offices, the School District and Health Department will be closed on Monday, August 27. The decision is due to the uncertain weather conditions that Tropical Storm Isaac poses early Monday and throughout the day.  The closure of Pasco County Government means PCPT Transit Buses will not be in operation, County Parks are closed and County Libraries are traditionally closed on Mondays.
Curbside garbage collection for Pasco County customers will continue on Monday however, residents are urged to monitor whether their private carrier will be cancelling service.
The Sixth Judicial Circuit canceled most of the Monday, August 27, scheduled court proceedings.  Anyone scheduled to report to any courthouse in Pasco should not report. Except for first appearance advisories and juvenile shelter and detention hearings, all court proceedings scheduled in the Sixth Judicial have been cancelled. Residents who had been summoned for jury duty have been excused and told not to report. First appearance advisories for jail inmates and juvenile shelter and detention hearings are scheduled at 8:30 a.m. Monday, August 27 at the West Pasco Government Center, 7530 Little Road, New Port Richey.
Pasco County's Emergency Operations Center is open and if residents need further information on County operations, services, shelters or storm preparedness please call the Resident Information Center (RIC) at 727-847-8959/2411.
Citizens are encouraged to visit the County's Emergency Management webpage to download a Hurricane Guide. On this page are evacuation maps, shelter, and information for special needs personnel.
To stay updated citizens are encouraged to sign up for County news alerts by utilizing the Notify Me function located on the County's website at http://pascocountyfl.net/List.aspx . Updates are also available on Pasco County TV (Bright House Networks channel 622 or Verizon channel 42) and like us on Facebook at Bringing Opportunities Home. 
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