Video shows armed clerks scaring off masked robber

Dade City store had been robbed four days earlier

DADE CITY, Fla. - Authorities say they are dealing with a serial robbery case.  They say they have seen similar incidents in Pasco County, Hernando County, even Sumter County.

They say the men are armed and dangerous.  Although yesterday, at a store in Dade City, the clerks were ready for that danger.

In a matter of seconds a quite night at the Kwick Pick Food Store turns into in a shoot out.

Surveillance video shows a masked man walking in, pointing a gun at the two guys working behind the counter.

But what the would-be robber didn't expect, both of the clerks had guns of their own.

"As soon as he walked in, he pointed the gun at the guy in the kitchen, and so the cashier started shooting at him," said clerk Yazin Shanablih.

Shanablih wasn't working when the shoot out happened Tuesday, at about 1 in the morning.

But he showed us a couple of the bullet holes that still remain.

After the clerks started shooting, the video appears to show the gunman fire back at least one time. The cashier looks like he got off three shots, the third shattered the window as the masked man ran off.

Shanablih says he still can't believe no one was hit. "They missed each other, but almost too close."

The Kwick Pick clerks were armed and ready this time because just four nights earlier two masked men successfully robbed the store.

They ordered the customers to the ground. Took their wallets and emptied out the cash register.

"I couldn't believe it because I've been here like four years and since four years we've been 24 hours, never closed the doors, never had no problem at all," said Shanablih.

While investigators don't know who the armed men are, they do have the gun used in the latest robbery attempt.

You can see in the video the masked man drops the weapon as he high-tails it out of the store.

Shanablih says knowing the clerks here are armed will probably keep the robbers from ever coming back. "After the second time, yea, they won't think about it."

We're told the clerk who works at the register and fired back is shaken up and taking a well deserved week's vacation.  At the store, the window that was shot out has already been replaced and it's business as usual.

Investigators say they believe the same robbers also hit a store in Trilby, one in Brooksville, and two in Sumter County.

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