Two pedestrians killed in separate Pasco collisions

Two pedestrians were killed Friday night in separate collisions that occurred within minutes of each other, according to Pasco County authorities.
The first occurred about 9:50 p.m. at U.S. 19 at Green Key Road, where two pedestrians were struck, according to Pasco County spokesman Doug Tobin. One of the pedestrians was killed.
New Port Richey Police Department is investigating that collision.
About fifteen minutes later, two more pedestrians were struck, one fatally, in front of a Dairy Queen on State Road 54 and Virginia City Drive. Florida Highway Patrol is investigating.
Mary Freedman, 66, was driving along SR-54 with Elijah Freedman, 12, when she ran over something.
According to Florida Highway Patrol, two men, one being Stacey Butcher, 42, were lying in the roadway. Freedman failed to see the two and ran over them.
Shortly after Freedman ran over the two men, so did Roseanne Esposito, 21, who also didn't see them in the road.
Both drivers stopped and discovered Butcher dead in the road. The other man, Christopher Momier, 24, suffered serious injuries and was taken to Bayonet POint Medical Center.
Investigators are working to figure out why both men were laying in the road way.
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