Two law enforcement agencies are searching for an arsonist who lit six fires in Moon Lake

MOON LAKE, Fla - Authorities in Pasco County are searching for a serial arsonist who set at least six brush fires in the Moon Lake area.

Forestry officials estimate 600 acres burned in those fires.

Due to the ongoing investigation, officials said they will not release information regarding how the fires were started. 

No one was injured in the fires nor were any homes damaged.  However, the fire did butt up to some property lines.

Bobby Connors, 67, a transplant from Boston, told ABC Action News he is frightened and scared.  He added that the entire neighborhood is on edge.

"Everybody is nervous and scared," explained Connors.  "I am a senior citizen and I am scared."

Connors said he now carries a gun and is ready to confront strangers who show up on his block.

"Who are you?  I watch everyone who comes down this street.  I am like secret squirrel," Connors explained. 

Investigators determined all the fires were set between 10 a.m. and 12 noon. 

"That is pretty dumb.  If you are going to light a fire and you are that sick of a person do it at night when nobody is going to see you," Connors said.

Kawika Bailey with the Florida Forest Service responded to most of the brush fires.  He said the agencies top concern is public safety.  Not only does he want this arsonist off the street before they hurt an innocent person but he wants the person to pay up for the damage they've done.

"We will charge them a suppression bill," explained Bailey.  "So we will take all those fires, calculate how much it costs and they will be responsible for paying the taxpayers of Florida back."

Wanted signs are now posted up around the Moon Lake neighborhood.  One of the signs is stapled to a utility poles across from Connors' house.

He looks at it every day just like he looks at anyone who comes down the block.

"I watch everybody," Connors explained.

Connors is already taking down license plate numbers and calling the police on any suspicious vehicles or activities he spots.

"I am not losing my home," he said.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Arson Hotline at 1-800-342-5869.

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