Twins killed in Moon Lake fire

Mother injured, family and neighbors grieve

MOON LAKE, Fla. - Officials say a fire started in a bedroom of a mobile home Monday morning in Moon Lakes Estates.  The mother  there was injured and two of her four children were found dead inside.  The cause has not yet been determined.

Paulette Dorner and her daughter, Kaylee, watched smoke pour out of the mobile home, not knowing what happened to the three-year-old twins who lived there.

"I hope they'll find them safe," said Kaylee. 

But that hope didn't last long.

"They found them, they found the babies," shouted one neighbor as she broke down in tears.

Family members showed up on Gurnee Avenue in Moon Lake and were overcome with emotion.  One nearly fainted and was helped into an ambulance.

The fire started before 9:00 Monday morning. 

Kristy Holt stopped to help, and saw the children's mother outside the burning trailer.  "She just told me her babies were in there and I was asking her where, and I go around the back, and the whole bedroom was up in flames," said Holt.

A Pasco deputy showed up first, then Fire Rescue crews.  However, with flames coming out of every window, there was nothing that could be done.

"Despite the heavy fire conditions, our crews did attempt to make a rescue.  Despite what was a valiant effort, the children unfortunately perished," said Pasco Fire Rescue Chief Buck Davidson.

The two kids were fraternal twins, just three year old, Micah Shaver, and his sister, Miah.

"Losing two lives like that... God took them too quickly," said neighbor Paulette Dorner.

The mother, Shannon Graza, was hospitalized with burns on her arm. The two older kids who also live here were in school when the fire happened.

Graza's boyfriend, who we are told helped raised the twins was also out.

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