Trinity Town Center could finally come to life

Activity gives residents optimism

TRINITY, Fla. - A long dormant Pasco County project is coming to life.

The Trinity Town Center fell victim to bad business deals and a bad economy. But now residents are optimistic and have lots of grand ideas for what they'd like to see in the still empty space. Asking around we heard ideas for a farmers market, local coffee shop, wine bar and play area for children.

Legal and financial troubles plagued the Trinity Town Center project over the past several years. It's been a ghost town.

However, officials say it's game on again.

Charles Puccini just took over as president of the center, and the development is actively leasing spaces. A banner recently announced a Surf & Turf Market as the first new business.

"That helps with the momentum because everyone asks about this and I think you'll see quite a bit more in the next months," Puccini said.

Raymond James is the only open business to have stuck it out all this time. But Puccini said the Town Center at the corner of Little Road and Trinity Boulevard will eventually have 66 retail spaces. He showed ABC Action News designs for the courtyard and said there's room for larger restaurants, small eateries, medical offices and retail stores.

"This time next year we'll probably have everything under roof, and looking like a town center," Puccini said.

Those who live around the center have gotten used to seeing it sit empty. Many are keeping an eye on every little bit of activity.

"There's definitely been a lot of rumors that have come and gone. Just the fact that people are starting to get their permits and we are starting to see more action on the inside. That's really positive," Larisa Roberts said.

Officials said they are working on getting the buildings back up to code. And they expect construction to pick up in the spring along with more announcements for new tenants.

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