Thousands missing from funds collected to help widow of Chad Oulson, man killed inside theater

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation into someone is possibly stealing from funds set up in the namesake of Chad Oulson.
“It infuriates me,” said Keith Koehler, co-owner of Tampa’s Westshore Pizza.
Oulson is the father who was shot and killed inside a Wesley Chapel movie theater in January. 
“It infuriates me as part of Westshore Pizza and all of our efforts to meticulously raise funds.” 
Koehler estimates that efforts he spearheaded raised $30,000 for the wife and young daughter of Chad Oulson. Numerous fundraisers have been held throughout the Tampa Bay Area since the shooting. 

Two sources close to the Oulson family tell ABC Action News at least $7,000 has vanished from funds benefiting the Oulson family. 

Koehler said none of the funds for the Oulson family generated by his efforts were impacted by the alleged theft. He said all donations he collected were paid directly to Nicole Oulson. 

“It’s the family that loses,” said Koehler. 
A Pasco Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said they are in the infant stages of the investigation and are working some strong leads.  At least one subpoena is outstanding. 
Nicole Oulson released the following statement only to ABC Action News:
“It is unfortunate that during a very devastating time in my life there are people that would take advantage of a tragic situation for their own gain. It hurts even more to know that it was someone close to me that was trusted. My concern is not for myself or the money. My heart aches for those that donated with kindness in their hearts that were taken advantage of. Although there will always be struggles, I will continue to focus on the positive and know that the community is filled with love and support.”
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