Teen crime spree ends with gunfire and hospitalized deputy

A Pasco County deputy is recovering from injuries after helping to put a modern day Bonnie and Clyde behind bars.
Their four-day crime spree came to an end Thursday afternoon. Pasco County deputies said it started Monday at a Zephyrhills park.
"I'm thinking to myself, what did I do to deserve this?" said Daniel Schneider, whose left eye is still swollen from Monday's attack.
Schneider says he thought he was meeting up with a friend at a Zephyrhills park.
Instead, he says, a 17-year-old girl led him into a trap, leaving him beat up and his car stolen.
"It was like the most frightening moment I've ever been through in my whole entire life," Schneider said.
Wednesday morning, deputies spotted the car near the 15-year-old male suspect's Pasco County home.
People were inside sleeping, and when deputies ordered them out, the driver backed into a cruiser and took off.
Thursday afternoon, a detective went back to the same house to get more information from the suspect's parents.
The car was back and the teen suspects were inside. The detective again ordered them out. This time, the driver tried to run over the detective.
"They used a 3,000-pound weapon to try to run our detective over. It's actually infuriating," Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco.
The deputy was hit, but managed to fired back, causing the driver to crash
"He told our detective that he struck with the vehicle that he meant to hit him," Nocco said.
The boy's mother, who would only say her name was Maria, was at the scene Thursday.
"I don't know what the story is with him," she said. "He just got with the wrong crowd of people and he just went wrong. I don't know."
"These kids were going down a bad path. Maybe they thought they were going to be Hollywood stars. Unfortunately they're going to end up in jail tonight," Nocco said.
Nocco said the detective who was hit will be released from the hospital.
The two teens are facing several serious charges including attempted homicide, theft and robbery.
ABC Action News is not reporting their names because of their young ages.
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