Student heading back to school after videotaped beat down

TRINITY, Fla. - A Pasco County 10th grader is preparing to go back to school after living through a beat down on her school bus.  The teen says she's scared and doesn't know what to expect once she's back in class.

Three students involved in that beating all go to Mitchell High, one girl throwing punches, one girl taking the blows, and a third filming the whole thing.  The video was shared across social media.

Chase Cristia, a 10th grader at J. W. Mitchell High School in Trinity, said she woke up Wednesday morning to an apology note via her Facebook inbox. "I'm sorry. I am so sorry, Chase," it stated.

Cristia said the apology came from a fellow student at Mitchell High who is seen in a video beating Cristia on their school bus Friday afternoon. The video has been shared on multiple social media outlets. "Nobody was doing anything. She just kept hitting me. It felt like it went on and on," Cristia said.

The attacker is seen punching Cristia as many as 11 times in the video. Cristia said she was treated at the hospital for bruises. "It hurt a lot after she was done," she said.

The Mitchell High student seen in the video throwing punches, as well as the student filming the incident, now face misdemeanor charges according to the Pasco County Sheriff. Mitchell High Principal, Jim Michaels, said both students are also suspended from school for at least ten days. School district officials stated they are now working with the Sheriff's Office in trying to get to the bottom of all events leading up to the school bus beating.

School district officials said the bus driver at the time of the incident does not face any disciplinary action and followed protocol by reporting the incident the next school day.

Cristia said she will go back to school Thursday. "I'm kind of nervous to see what people have to say," she said. Her mother, Tracy Cristia, said, "I would like to see these girls removed from her school, because I'm scared for her."  Tracy Cristia added she is filing restraining orders against both students on behalf of her daughter.

Pasco deputies said the alleged attacker seen in the video was taken into custody under the Baker Act after making threats to harm herself. She will spend at least 24 hours in the hospital.

"We do not want to have these things happen," Michaels said. He added that Cristia will be in close contact with administrators when she is back in school Thursday. "She'll be able to put some of those fears to rest. I think we have an empathetic school community and they do not tolerate things like this," he said.

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