Special election today to replace Make Fasano in Pasco County

A special election is being held today in Pasco County for the Florida House of Representatives (District #36). The election is needed to fill the vacant seat created by the appointment of Mike Fasano as Pasco County Tax Collector. 
The district encompasses approximately 94,000 Pasco County voters within 35 precincts. 
Per Florida Statutes, only voters residing within House District 36 are eligible to vote in this election. 
Voters had the opportunity to vote by mail, or during early voting over the last week.  Those who have not voted can go today to their assigned precinct.  Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. 
Information on which precincts are in District 36 can be found on the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections website at http://www.pascovotes.com/pasdist.asp.  Voters can check registration status, including their precinct number, at http://www.pascovotes.com/amIregistered.asp.  Find your precinct at http://www.pascovotes.com/voterapp.asp.
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