Sheriff's office says drunk mom left toddler home alone to find more booze

Child found ok and sleeping

TRINITY, Fla. - When Molly Flynn walked into Lonzalo's Thursday night, the owner of the pizza place said he knew something was wrong.

"She was slurring, she wasn't walking straight. She was a mess basically," said owner Scott Cochrane.

While customers ate in the restaurant and drank at the bar, investigators said Flynn went up to people and the bartender asking for free drinks.

They said she mentioned, her 22-month old child was along in her apartment upstairs.

"Our guys were trying to tell her we'll take you up there, just go home and take care of your child, but she was drunk and she all wanted was a drink and we wouldn't give it to her," said Cochrane.

Management called the sheriff's office.  According to their report, Flynn told the deputy she'd been downstairs for about an hour and her child was fine.

The deputy discovered the apartment door was left unlocked, but thankfully the toddler was ok and still sleeping.

Authorities said Flynn cursed at the deputy on her way to jail and got out of her handcuffs twice.

Flynn is charged with child neglect and resisting arrest without violence.

Officials with the Sheriff's office said there is actually responsible vendor training for those that serve alcohol, so they can learn how to recognize when someone should be cut off.

"Basically the same kind of clues with impaired driving, glassy bloodshot eyes, they can be sweating, they have trouble walking," said Sgt. Art Rowand.

In this case, those at the restaurant said the signs weren't hard to miss. And there was no question what they had to do.

"They did the responsible thing, the child was in danger, call law enforcement and have them take care of it," said Rowand.

"It could have been much worse, she was in no shape to take care of the child, even if she was up there to be with her, it's too bad she went to jail, it wasn't our intention, she needed to go home and take care of her kid," said Cochrane.

I went to up to the apartment and the grandmother, who is now looking after the child did not want to comment.

We were told the Department of Children and Family Services paid a visit there Friday morning.

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