Deputies say chiropractor office shooting was self-defense

Cheating accusations may have led to violence

A Pasco County chiropractor who shot a man inside his office Monday won’t be charged. But the man he shot could be.
The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday it considers the shooting a case of self-defense.
"It was a traumatic situation that he went through yesterday as you can understand. And he's not a violent person by any means," said Cimos Angelis, the lawyer for Dr. Lenny Linardos.
When Linardos finally came out of his office after the shooting Monday, he went straight to his car without saying a word.
But his attorney told us Linardos cooperated with investigators, and he believed from the beginning it was self-defense.
"That's what we knew was going to happen and hopefully once they do their investigation, they'll follow up with additional charges against the individual who attacked Mr. Linardos," said Angelis.
According to the Sheriff’s Office, Linardos had contacted them in the past to report that Jamie Velez, the man he shot, was making violent threats over the phone.
Then Monday morning, authorities said, Velez showed up at West Coast Spine and Injury carrying a gun and wearing rubber gloves.
The dispute between the men may have started because Linardos told one of his patients that her boyfriend, Velez, was having an affair with someone in his office, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
On his Facebook page, Jamie Velez can be seen in a picture kissing a woman’s pregnant belly. “Time 2 be a right man. No more games, lies & deceit,” the picture’s caption reads.
Among the comments on the picture, someone posting with the name Lenny Linardos responds “Haha..You just lied.”
The comment was posted hours before the shooting.
Patient Angela Kyriazis showed up for treatment Tuesday only to find the office closed. She had no idea her doctor was involved in a shooting.
"He's a very sincere, very nice person. Every time you see him he always smiles. He always has a smile on face," said Kyriazis.
A Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point official said Velez is still in critical condition.
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