Schools take precautions with molester still at large


Some parents walking their kids to school at Marlow Elementary had no idea authorities are looking for a man accused of molesting two nine-year-olds behind a nearby vacant house.
Investigators say the man asked the children about homes for sale in the neighborhood, then lured them by offering candy.
"My kids are skeptical about new people, they don't really like them, but she's six.  Candy?  They are not going to know the difference," said parent Tiffany.
The incident happened Friday night, and as a precaution Tuesday, Marlow Elementary suspended outdoor activities and letters went home to parents with a description of the man wanted by the Sheriff's office.
"It's a time for parents to talk to their children and remind them that you don't accept anything from a stranger," said Pasco school district spokesperson Linda Cobbe.
Other kids in the area told deputies they saw the man in a maroon SUV casing the neighborhood.
Investigators say they don't know of any other victims or just how dangerous this man is.
"There's always a potential because he may increase in regards to his risk of what he wants to do with a child.  Obviously he had inappropriate contact with two nine-year-olds and that's enough for me to try and get him off the street," said detective Daniel Toner.
The Sheriff's Office says they waited through the weekend to release information because they needed to verify accusations made by the kids.
A check of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's website shows that dozens of registered sex offenders live within a five-mile radius of where the molestation took place.
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