School administration nips "slap-ass-Friday" in the bud

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. - An A-rated school of the past 13 years, Pine Valley Middle has some parents fearing an X-rating as boys began -- kiddingly -- threatening girls in what they were jokingly calling "slap-ass Friday."   

"They think it's funny," said parent Tonya Thompson.  "I understand it's kids," she continued, adding, "I just don't think its funny."

Tonya's 8th grade daughter wasn't hit, but she still brought her concerns about the game to the school's principal who immediately let the kids no this was a no slap zone.

"They listened to what I had to say," said Principal Jennifer Matthews Crosby. "They asked for clarifications, some of them later in the day and we have not had a singular incident reported," she said.

"Clarification though," I paused.  "You have to be careful how much you clarify."

"Well, they're middle school students," she said. "But it definitely gives us an opportunity to talk to them and to really relate back to them all the time which is this is their job," said Crosby.

It's a job they have to take seriously, just like the administration took the slap-ass-pects of this potentially sexually inappropriate game seriously.

The supposed slapping would have taken place sometime in gym class, but it was in gym class that all those who may have been associated with this were told that wouldn't be appreciated.

"The coaches were very firm with them," said Assistant Principal Jennifer Hull. "And they had very serious conversations with those young men as did I and it was made clear what was acceptable with our young ladies," she said. 

And 72 hours after the first reports, it was shut down Monday.

"Monday it was handled," said Tonya Thompson. "The Assistant Principal even checked on my daughter in PE on Monday and she called me to let me know that everything was OK," she said.

Various versions of this game have been dealt with in Hillsborough and Pinellas districts this year. In fact, the slap-assassins have been at this in some form since 2006, when the term first cropped up in the Urban Dictionary.
It's just not taking hold here.

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