Reeves details theater shooting in detective interviews

Curtis Reeves details a fatal Wesley Chapel theater shooting in recently released investigative recordings, giving insight into his account of what occurred for the first time.
"Suddenly, he jumps up and he turns around and he stands in his seat," Curtis Reeves says in the recordings.
"He kept on hollering and I'm not sure what he said to be honest with you. He said something that led me to believe he was going to kick my ass, and I don't know if that's exactly how he phrased it or not," he told a Pasco County sheriff's detective on the recording.
Reeves gave the statement in a police cruiser outside the Wesley Chapel movie theatre Jan. 13.
New crime scene photos show his .380 pistol, spilled popcorn, a bullet casing, a cellphone on the floor and Reeves handcuffed.
They also show Nicole Oulson's badly injured fingers after she tried to deflect the bullet that killed her husband, authorities said.
Reeves' wife also gives her account of that day, saying she told her husband they should move seats.
"I don't even know who said something first, but the guy said, who the ---- do you think, and he stood up and leaned over and then I heard the pop," she said.
Reeve's lawyers argue Oulson threw his cellphone at the retired Tampa Police Department captain. 
In recorded jail phone calls, Reeves hints to his family that the situation might not turn out well for him.
"Ya'll need to know that you're all the love of my life and if it need be, ya'll plan on me not being there so, so you plan, whatever you have to do to make your life easy, ok? My life will be easier if ya'lls is and plan for the future and don't spend all the money on me," he said from the Pasco County Jail.
The 71-year-old also suggests he was in the right by pulling the trigger.
"Well, if all the facts come out we all should be in good shape," he told his family.
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